March 29th 8:33am

“Birds” Of A Feather Flock Together: 3 Of Tiger Woods’ Skanky Skeezers Made An Adult Flick About Their Raunchy Sexcapades With The Golfer

Tiger Woods’ “3 Mistresses” Coming To DVD Man, this isht is gonna haunt Tiger Woods forever…

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March 29th 7:04am

13-Year Old Trayvon Martin Killing Witness Mother Speaks Out: Lead Investigator Said “Some Stereotyping Going On” And Updated With Her “Fitness Video” [Video]

The Lead Investigator Stood In My Living Room And Said “There Is Some Stereotyping Going On And Read Between The Lines.”

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March 28th 8:22pm

George Zimmerman Jail Video Night Of Trayvon Murder: No Nose Broken, Blood, Or Bruises [Video]

The LEAD HOMICIDE DETECTIVE wanted to press charges and was told by the higher ups (His Dad’s Folks) not to… everyone can see what this is:

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