March 29th 4:43pm

You Can’t Be Effin’ Serious: Watch Racist White Folks Defend A White Father That Rejects His Daughter’s Black Boyfriend!

Just because it’s 2012 to us doesn’t mean that a LOT of folks aren’t living in the 1950s

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March 29th 3:53pm

A Lil Daddy Positivity: Dwyane Wade Penning A Book About Fatherhood

Looks like Dwyane has some things to say about fatherhood

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March 29th 3:46pm

Every Jay-Z Magazine Cover, Ever*

“Magazine said I’m shallow, I never learned to swim/Still they put me on they cover cause I earn for them,”

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March 29th 3:31pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere On The Web…

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March 29th 3:10pm

The 10 Most Abused Freestyle Beats Of The Last Ten Years

Every year, it seems like there is one song that drops that sets the genre on its ear

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March 29th 3:03pm

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems: California Millionaire Accidentally Gives Winning Lottery Ticket to Homeless Man… Now She Wants It Back!

A California woman who won $1 million in the lottery in January claims she hit another $260,000 last week but she gave the ticket away by accident

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March 29th 2:21pm

BFWTFs: Random Celebrity Buds You Wouldn’t Imagine Hanging Out

These random celebrity buds don’t seem to make much sense!

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