October 18th 10:58am

What’s Wrong With This Picture???

Ball so hard…that isht CRAY!!

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October 18th 10:47am

Question Of The Day: When Does The Condom Come Off In A Relationship?

People form romantic relationships everyday, whether it be monogamous or friends with benefits situation.

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October 18th 10:45am

Eff A Dirty Racist Pig: FBI Pops N-Word Spewing NYPD Cop For Lying About Arrests

It’s guys like these that have people screaming EFF THE POLICE!

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October 18th 10:05am

Spotted: Zoe Saldana Shows Some Sisterly Love On A Sunny Stroll

Zoe Saldana was spotted strolling the skreets with her sis… Aren’t they just precious?

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October 18th 10:01am

Everybody’s Doing It: New Poll Shows 50% Of The Country Wants That Kush Legalized

See what happens when the the majority of people in this country is stressed and unemployed?

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October 18th 9:35am

Some Morning Swirl: BDR Is Bunned Up With His Becky Boo…With His Former African Flavor of The Month Flaviana In The Building

Russell Simmons and his jawn Melissa George attended his 3rd Annual Save-A-Life Gala…

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October 18th 9:11am

Catch Fade: ‘Transformers’ Star Shia LaBeouf Gets Beat To The Ground Outside A Bar By Some Punk In Vancouver!!

Damn homie, on the big screen you were the man homie, fawk happened to you?!

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October 18th 8:44am

Scuzzbuckets: 9 Men Popped In Iowa In Prostitution Sting…First Man Arrested Was “The Rev. Jonathan L. Offt”

SMH. A senior pastor at a Cedar Rapids church was one of nine men arrested Friday in a prostitution sting.

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