June 9th 2:28pm

For Discussion: Should Weiner Flashing-Congressman’s Pregnant Wife Stay With Him???

Would you leave your new husband if he was caught up in a political sexting scandal?

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June 9th 2:20pm

Family Blames Anti-Gay Therapist For The Suicide Of Their Son, Brother

At age 38 Kirk Murphy hung himself from the ceiling fan in his apartment. Though many people wondered why a successful young man would do such a thing, the family knew immediately…

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June 9th 1:27pm

Making It Rain On These Hoes: Cassie Flossin’ That Banging Frame And Half Bald Dome In NYLON Mag

Diddy’s concubine Cassie got lots of flack for describing her upcoming album as “Gwen Stefani meets Aaliyah” in her interview for NYLON’s June/July issue, but the only complaints we have about the accompanying photospread is that there wasn’t enough cakes included!!!

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June 9th 1:26pm

Making It Rain On Them Teenage Boys! Bishop Eddie Long Stroke Paid $25 Million To Settle His Case!

Looks like Eddie Long would rather drop some major bread than have to deal with the allegations of touching little kids.

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June 9th 12:29pm

Side Eye: Yeezy And Camel’s Album Is Supposedly Dropping On July 4th

In news we’ll believe when we see, the highly-anticipated Watch The Throne album from Kanye and Jay-Z is coming in three short weeks.

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June 9th 12:07pm

R.I.P. Leona Helmsley’s Pampered Pooch — Trouble — Dies Of Natural Causes After Receiving Death Threats Over $12 Million Inheritance

Millionaire maltese Trouble has joined the woman who left her a whopping $12 million inheritance on the other side.

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June 9th 11:49am

Get A Hobby: The Westboro Baptist Church Is Boycotting The Finals Because The League Fined Kobe’s Gay Slur

These wack jobs are angry that the NBA is cracking down on homophobic slurs. Give it a rest, already.

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June 9th 11:45am

Here’s My Weiner! When Celebrity Men Expose Their Goods

Never in our lifetimes have we seen so much weiner in the mainstream news. Anthony Ding-a-Ling has been all over the place with embarrassing pictures of his man meat spreading across the net. But he’s not the only one.

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June 9th 11:43am

Pure Comedy: Cartoonist Jokes On Bron Bron As Shady Miami Heat “Dream Team” Faces Off Against Dallas In Game 5

What do you think Miami’s Coach has to say to “King James” before tonight’s game???

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June 9th 11:41am

Courtside Candy: The Sexiest Celebrity Sports Fans

Some of these celebrities showcase their bodies in custom made dresses that wow the red carpet media, some of them look their absolute hottest in a football jersey with face paint. While it’s a rarity that women are REALLY into sports, it’s even rarer for some that have been named “the most beautiful women in…

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June 9th 11:09am

8 Ways To Make A Man Feel Like A Man

The male ego is a fragile one.

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June 9th 11:00am

The Unnecessary Ritual of Athletes’ Visits To The White House

Athletes get enough props without the political parade.

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