June 10th 12:00am

Expect The Unexpected With E!’s Newest Reality Couple Show “Ice Loves Coco”

In this new series, E! takes viewers behind the hype and conjecture and into the daily lives of rapper/actor/author/motivational speaker Ice and his fitness/swimsuit model/Internet-sensation buxom and bootylicious wife Coco.

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June 9th 6:42pm

What Happened To L Boogie??

It’s not so much her absence, which had folks waging their tongues, but rather her reputation of diva-like behavior, including her chronic lateness to performances and insistence on performing unfamiliar remixes of her songs.

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June 9th 6:02pm

The Short List: Cutie Pie Shorties

The average height for a man in the U.S. is 5 feet, 9 inches. For women, 5’4-almost 5’5.

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June 9th 5:50pm

Dear Bossip: Pregnant By A Married Man … Should His Wife Know?

To set the record straight, the information contained in this memo are not my issues; they are of my best friend, whom I have known for years; she is young, beautiful

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June 9th 5:39pm

Who Is My Dirty South Rapper Daddy?

Handsome is probably not the first word you would think of to describe this young man’s dad. Producer, rapper, DJ, savvy businessman, reality TV star? Yes. But handsome, not so much. Can you guess who’s youngin’ this is?

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June 9th 5:16pm

Second Time Around: 10 Artists That Didn’t Fall After Getting Dropped

Signing to a major record label is a dream come true for most hip-hop artists.

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