December 15th 12:26pm

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December 15th 12:10pm

Dear Bossip: He’s Uncircumcised And I’m Turned Off By It

Dear Bossip, I am a lady aged 26, and I have been seeing this guy who is 29 years old for about 4 months and everything is going on well.

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December 15th 11:35am

Preciousness: The White House Releases New Obama Family Photo

The family that takes pics together, sticks together

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December 15th 9:55am

What The Hell??? ’19 And Counting’ Family Tweets Pictures Of The Baby Michelle Duggar Just Miscarried

We’re all for celebrating life… but this just seems a little odd.

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December 15th 9:54am

Woman Popped With 1.5 Kilograms Of Yayo In Her Dreads! [Video]

The suspect is a 23-yr old South African woman.

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December 15th 9:51am

Random Ridiculousness: Man Sentenced For Driving His Lawn Mower On The Streets To The Liquor Store While Slizzard

SMH at this guy thinking that just because he was riding a lawn mower, it was okay for him to drive drunk to the liquor store:

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December 15th 9:50am

Totally Timeless Dating Tips

There are some things that are timeless, and if your parents try to instill one of these little gems in you, let them.

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December 15th 9:47am

For No Good Reason – Unnecessary Celeb Plastic Surgeries

Most of these women were attractive, talented prior to plastic surgery, which suggests that the operations aren’t necessarily to become more beautiful, but more, “other.”

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December 15th 9:28am

Donald Trump Jr. Speaks On Nene Leakes Riches, Says His Daddy Was Not Making It Rain On That Ho!

If Nene Leakes is indeed “rich b***h” it isn’t from cashing Trump checks!

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December 15th 9:24am

Making It Rain On Them Hoes: Forbes List Top Ten Earning Women In Music 2011

Forbes has compiled their list of the top earning women in music for 2011, and we bet you will be surprised at who is on this list… Have a look.

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