June 10th 11:02am

Did It Finally Happen? Is Kelly Rowland Badder Than Beyonce? [Photos]

For years there’s been a back and forth debate over which Destinys Child singer was hotter; Beyonce Knowles or her “sister” Kelly Rowland.

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June 10th 10:28am

C’Mon Son: Man Finds $17K Cash And Did What With It?

Imagine finding a plastic bag full of cash … score, right?

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June 10th 10:07am

Eff A Thug: Rivaling Gangs Shoot Up NY Subway Train

Damn! Can’t even ride the subway without guns clappin’?

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June 10th 9:45am

Making It Rain On Them Hoes: Morgan Freeman Honored For His Lifetime Achievements In Hollyweird

Congrats to Morgan Freeman on a lifetime of achievement in Hollyweird!

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June 10th 9:32am

Hi Hater: Apple Shuts Down DUI Checkpoint Warning Apps

Here’s one thing there won’t be an app for anymore.

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June 10th 8:58am

Bolitics: Is Rudy Giuliani Getting Ready To Dust Himself Off And Try Running For President Again??

So far, not one of the Republican presidential candidates who have confirmed their campaign seems to actually be someone anyone would want running this country.

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June 10th 8:47am

Joy Bryant In A Kini

Here is Joy Bryant in a bikini chillin with some stogies and a drinky-poo.

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June 10th 8:40am

Fat Joe Is A Slimmy Trimmy Too… Rapper Drops 88 LBS — Wasn’t Tryin’ To Go Out Like Pun! [Video]

We gotta start calling Fat Joe “Lean Backs” cuz he just went from 350 lbs to 260-something in nine months!

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