January 19th 9:30am

The Bald And The Beautiful: Amber Rose Gets Goth And Edgy For New Pictorial [Photos]

Here is Amber Rose and her shaved dome piece in all of it’s splendor in a new photo spread.

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January 19th 9:30am

Terribly Tatted Up: When Celebrities Get Ratchet Tattoos for the Ones They Love

I see all that money can’t buy these people sense. *shakes head at tattoos*

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January 19th 9:13am

When The Checks Stop Coming In… Kodak Files Bankruptcy Because They Are $7 Billi In The Hole!!!

Damn shame that “a picture is worth a thousand words” and not dollars!

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January 19th 8:55am

This Broad Is Triflin’ As Hell! Hospice Worker Raised $30K From Friends For Fake Bout With Cancer!

We all know the recession is real, especially when the checks stop coming in, but it’s sad what some folks will do for gwap these days.

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January 19th 8:48am

On The Come Up: J-Lo’s Little 24-Year-Old K-Fraud “Casper Smart” Says Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number

Jennifer Lopez’s lil young thang Casper “I get to swim in J-Lo’s cakes and whip around in her Bentley” Smart

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January 19th 8:44am

Who Is My Supermodel Mommy?

This one should be a cin-ch!

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January 19th 8:35am

Must Be Nice: Judge Lets Bruno “Yayo Face” Mars Off The Hook On Powder Charges

Another day another celebrity let off on drug charges…

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