February 22nd 6:03pm

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

This High School sculpture looks like a certain lady part…

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February 22nd 4:37pm

Smackdown! The Chris Brown/CM Punk Feud Is Getting Pretty Intense! “I Will Choke You” And Breezy Responds!

The CM Punk/Chris Brown feud is getting nasty. Check the slander going back and forth.

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February 22nd 4:07pm

Quote Of The Day: Brian White Says “I Don’t Hate Black Women”… But Does He Need More People?!?!

Brian White is married to a Latina and made a lot of sisters mad after pointing out that black women on reality TV act like a bunch of chickenheads, but now he wants to set the record straight.

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February 22nd 4:00pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere on the Web

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February 22nd 3:50pm

10 Rappers That Can Inspire Scott Storch To Get Off The Yayo

If music is the main squeeze of Hip-Hop culture, then drugs are its mistress.

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February 22nd 3:40pm

Can’t Get It Up: 10 Foods That Might Be Choking The Life Out Of Your…Libido

A home-cooked meal may not be all it’s cracked up to be…

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