June 11th 3:08pm

Ci-Error Brings Her “Many Talents” And Chiseled Ab Game To Las Vegas

If we didn’t know better we’d think this chick was trying to tell us she likes _______ in the mouth…

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June 11th 2:28pm

Love & Matrimony-Dom: Don’t Ignore The Dating Non-Negotiables

Bottom line… if you don’t like it now, you really won’t like it later!

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June 11th 12:17pm

Big Banks, Bogus Business: Chase To Foreclose On Active Duty Soldier’s Home

These big banks are out of control with their disgusting practices.

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June 11th 11:49am

And The Plot Thickens: Anthony Weiner Admits Messaging A Minor

Okay, we have to draw the line somewhere with this foolishness.

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June 11th 11:41am

It’s The Kang Homie! T.I. Releases New Letter He Wrote To His Fans In Prison

Clifford Harris puts the pen to the pad and flies a kite to his supporters.

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June 11th 11:26am

Bad Teachers: Jason Segel On Lebron Vs Michael Jordan, And Interviews With Lucy Punch, And Phyllis Smith! [Video]

Check out Jason Segel’s interview below. Now, check out what Lucy Punch and Phyllis Smith had to say below.

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June 11th 11:17am

Jesus Take The Wheel: 5-Year-Old Boy Gunned Down While Eating Chicken Nuggets

Damn! A child can’t even enjoy a McNugget meal on his stoop without getting shot?

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June 11th 11:04am

What Were You Thinking? NBA Guard Nate Robinson Popped For Wizzing All Over The Skreets Of White Plains

SMH… Another Day, Another Baller in the Big House for doing some stupid isht.

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June 11th 10:15am

Question Of The Day: Are Video Vixens Unfairly Judged?

If you found yourself captivated by the erotic tales in Karrine Steffans’ novel, “Confessions of A Video Vixen”, you may (or may not) be pleased to learn that they were more like fairy tales.

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June 11th 9:11am

Get On With Your Life Already: People That Couldn’t Stop Talking About Their Celeb Exes

It’s difficult to deal with exes. After a break up, we try to avoid them at all costs.

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