January 18th 5:17pm

ChitChatter: Chad And Evelyn Take Their Love Story To Ebony And Discuss The Importance Of Being Honest About Their Shady Pasts

One of our favorite celebrity couples Chad “Ochostinko” Johnson and Evelyn Lozada are part of a current Ebony Magazine feature and we found their relationship insight to be well … interesting.

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January 18th 4:31pm

Keep Your Gremlin Paws Off Our NFL ManMeat: Weezy Catches Fade With Cowboys Baller Dez Bryant

SMH… Lil Wayne has been scrapping it up with our boo thang Dez Bryant, we hear.

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January 18th 4:19pm

Megaupload CEO Swizz Beatz Gets Hip-Hop Star Pals In Trouble

Working with Swizz Beatz can get you a hit record and a lawsuit.

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January 18th 4:17pm

Get Your Life Together: 10 Classic Junk Food Snacks That Will Turn You Into A Paula Deen Chubby-Lumpkins

In light of Paula Deen’s recent announcement, we thought it might be a good idea to show you how the food that is delicious and tasty can kill you, or make you sick at the very least…

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January 18th 4:15pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere on the Web

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January 18th 3:51pm

99 Problems And Selling Clothes Must Be 1: Hovi Hov’s RocaWear Lays Off Most Of Its Employees

We’ve all been so busy talking about the birth of Princess Blue Ivy Carter that we didn’t notice some less than happy news out of the Jay-Z camp.

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January 18th 3:18pm

Are You Feelin’ This Get Up???

We’re not. Why? Because this is a damned waste of Amber Rose’s good cake action, SMH!

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January 18th 3:10pm

You Can’t Be Serious: British Airways Mistakenly Tells Passengers Their Plane Is About to Crash… TWICE!

Passengers on a British Airway flight from Miami to Heathrow got the scare of their lives, not once but twice…

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January 18th 2:56pm

What Were We Thinking?! The Dumbest Fads Ever Started By Rappers

Rappers are always starting fads. But sometimes the fads are big bowls of #Fail.

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