January 14th 10:33am

Guess Which Ho-Saving Rapper Is Trying To Get His Swagger Back?

Ladies, is he doin’ a good job or do you think he could do better?

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January 14th 9:56am

Epic Side-Eye: Common Says Drake Beef Isn’t Over Serena Williams…Riiiiight

Common clears up the gossip…but do you believe him?

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January 13th 7:02pm

Happy Friday The 13th: The Craziest Celebrity Superstitions Ever!

If you’re waiting for bad luck today, you might not be the only person.

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January 13th 5:19pm

The Man With The Golden Voice Bounces Back From Homelessness, Bags A Chick, And Gets Clean [Video]

Remember that dude from a year ago that had a crazy radio voice but was living on the streets?

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January 13th 5:18pm

Is Mitt “The Meatpacker” Romney Holdin’ That Pipe Work For The Ladies??? [Video]

“How big do ya think it is? Go ahead, take a wild guess”

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