June 8th 4:53pm

Dear Stans: This Is How Beyonce Feels About You ‘Accidentally’ Hearing “4″ Early

When albums leak, artists and labels usually have one of two reactions.

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June 8th 4:40pm

Makin’ It Rain On Them Hoes: Basketball Wives Evelyn Lozada Is Coming Out With A Series Of Tell-All Novels?!?!

It seems like Evelyn Lozada is the only one milking the hell out of her fame from “VH1′s Basketball Wives”.

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June 8th 4:28pm

Dwyane “Single Daddy” Wade Speaks On His One Parent Household And How His Ex Was Unfit To Care For Their Sons

Dwyane Wade wrote a blog on Newsweek about his “Life as an NBA Superstar Single Dad”:

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June 8th 4:14pm

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

Some people just have way too much time on their hands!!

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June 8th 3:32pm

*Updated* Word On The Street: Who Are You Pulling For In The NBA Finals?? [Video]

Jason asks LA folks who they’re rooting for this season. The answers are, as always, interesting.

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June 8th 3:08pm

Who Is My NBA Hoops Coachin’ Pops?

At 6’1, this cutie gets her height from her former NBA playing Daddy, who later went on to coach in the league. Can you guess who her pops is?

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June 8th 3:01pm

The Side-Eye: Now Rohan Marley Is Saying He “Hasn’t Denied” Lauryn And His Words Were Twisted

Apparently, the whole world has a different interpretation of the English language than Rohan Marley.

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June 8th 2:36pm

Epitome Of A Bad “Step” Mother: Woman Pleads Guilty In Child’s Overdose Death

Damn, people really need to watch what they leave “laying around” in kid friendly cups: A woman accused of leaving methadone within reach of a toddler in November pleaded guilty Wednesday to aggravated manslaughter of a child.

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June 8th 2:17pm

A “Lil Positivity”: Alicia Keys Spends Time Talking About AIDS While Her Partner In Matrimony-dom Hangs With His Boys

Alicia Keys spent Tuesday at U.N. Headquarters speaking at the HIV Priorities For Positive Change In Their Own Words event.

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June 8th 2:00pm

Obama and Department of Justice Crack Down on Police Brutality

We know what these investigations will find but will they do anything about it?

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June 8th 1:30pm

Ain’t This Some Shady Sh*t? Did Reggie Bush Steal Back His OWN Heisman Trophy?!?!?!

Remember when Reggie Bush said he would forfeit his Heisman? Well, that doesn’t seem to have quite happened.

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