February 17th 1:18pm

Ho Sit Down: Republican Senator Warns Watching Certain TV Shows “Will Ruin Kids” By Turning Them Gay!

Tennessee, the Volunteer State, has a state representative who would like to “volunteer” to tell you something very dumb…

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February 17th 1:11pm

Stop The Violence: Philly Man Shoots And Kills Neighbor In Argument Over Dog Poo

We’ve heard of dying over bullsh!t but this just makes no sense.

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February 17th 12:07pm

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February 17th 11:41am

[EXCLUSIVE] Emilio Rojas Tells A&R’s To Man Up [Video]

Emilio Rojas has been putting work in the Hip-Hop underground for years, earning respect from discerning rap fans and even catching the ear of Rick Ross.

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February 17th 11:36am

Jay-Z Named MTV’s 6th Hottest MC In The Game [Video]

As the countdown of the ‘Hottest MC’s in the Game’ continues, we reach the most controversial selection so far.

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