October 28th 4:25pm

Somebody’s Feeling Himself: Will Smith Wants Serious Gwap To Do “Independence Day” Sequels

The reaction Fox had to his demand is probably how most of us would have responded also.

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October 28th 4:17pm

Well This Is Embarrassing…Harold Camping Has Quit The Rapture Predicting Business

Since we’re all here, it’s obvious that the rapture hasn’t happened. Again. So what does that mean for the guy predicting it?

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October 28th 4:07pm

Forget The Basketball Wives: Meet The Lovely Wives And Girlfriends Of Major League Baseball (Photos)

With the World Series in full effect we decided to compile of list of the wives and girlfriends of the men who play Major League Baseball.

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October 28th 3:42pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere On The Web…

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October 28th 3:20pm

Kimmy Cakes Admits Hubby Humphries And Her Newlywed Living Situation Was Fawking Wack

As if we hadn’t already heard enough about Kimmy Cakes and Hubby Humphries’ marital discord, the reality tv vixen has now admitted their living situation has been tough.

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October 28th 2:13pm

GTFOHWTBS: Tanya From The Real World Claims Her Male Castmates Violated Her While Cameras Were Rolling

We know how serious rape and sexual misconduct are and how tough it is for victims to speak out, but this one here we’re finding a little hard to believe.

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October 28th 2:13pm

Coupled Up: Date Night With Michael Strahan And Nicole “Nice Cakes” Murphy

We’re pretty sure Michael Strahan is thankful on the daily that divorce is legal — cuz without divorce he’d never have ended up with a fiancee like Nicole “Nice Cakes” here…

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October 28th 2:11pm

There’s Just Something About Him: Our Favorite “Strangely” Attractive Guys

Almost) everyone loves the Idris Elbas, Denzel Washingtons and Will Smiths of the world, but there are plenty of guys that we love that don’t have that “traditional” appeal.

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