January 13th 10:23am

Can You Tell? Before and After Celebrity Nose Jobs

In Hollywood, it’s more of a challenge find a starlet who hasn’t reshaped her nose.

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January 13th 9:59am

Which One Would You Hit???

Wanya Morris and Shawn Stockman from Boyz II Men were seen getting their party on in Germany.

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January 13th 9:51am

Pure Kush Chronic-les Comedy: Cop LOSES IT After Speeder Tells Him He Needs A Warrant To Search His Car For That Green Yahmean!! [Video]

We’ve all been pulled over by the cops before and it’s never a good time to say the least. In this case though, it’s about as much fun as you can have while in the presence of a police officer!

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January 13th 9:45am

Making It Rain On All Of Her Employees: Oprah’s New Show On OWN Just Broke The Network’s Ratings Record

Surprise: nobody cares about any of the people on OWN as much as they do about Oprah herself.

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January 13th 9:39am

Double Your Pleasure? Woman Born With Two “Lady Parts” [Video]

A woman from Down Under talks about how she’s special…down under.

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January 13th 9:35am

High School Teenager “Trapped In A Boy’s Body” Kicked Out Of School For Rockin’ Girly Gear To Class

SMH at ole boy’s headband: Jamie Love returned to Govan High School wearing make up, hair extensions and tights after the Christmas break.

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January 13th 9:17am

Get Your Life Together: Is Jennifer Hudson Getting Fed Up With Her Suspect Boo’s Fugazi Wrestling Career??

She might have lost some weight, but J-Hud is still the heavyweight champion of her relationship!

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January 13th 9:00am

For Discussion: Mormons Feel That They Are More Discriminated Against Than Black Folks In America, Do You Agree??

GOP candidates Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman are both Mormons and now “new research” shows that they are not accepted in American society:

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