November 7th 6:32pm

The Most Beautiful Black Girls In The World: Miss World Vs. Miss Universe, Which Contestants Looked More Bangin’?

We’re not quite sure why there is a need for both a “Miss World” and “Miss Universe” competition, but we sure are grateful for another opportunity to celebrate the beautiful Black women of the world.

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November 7th 5:11pm

Aww You Mad? Drake Goes Off On Social Media! Maybe It Has Something To Do With #TakeCareComesWith

Drake has been all over the Internet today thanks to Take Care springing a leak overnight, but he has a few choice words for you Tweeters and Tumblrs out there.

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November 7th 4:55pm

SMH: Man Robs A Florida TD Bank Using Drive-Thru

Man, that’s that first class bank robbing right there!!

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November 7th 4:51pm

Twitter Files: Khloe Kardashian Responds To SNL’s Spoof Of Kimmy Cakes’ “Fairytale Divorce”

Khloe Kardashian shared her thoughts on the SNL spoof of her sister’s “Fairytale Divorce” via Twitter:

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November 7th 4:51pm

Rumor Control: Alicia Keys Says She’s Not Cooking Up Another Gut Full Of Swizzy Just Yet, But…

Sorry people who get excited about this type of stuff, Alicia Keys isn’t quite ready to give up those full nights of sleep she just got back now that Baby Egypt is one.

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