May 21st 5:23pm

Sextra: She Doesn’t Feel The Same

I got a situation you could break down for me.

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May 21st 3:09pm

Mac Miller Speaks On His Debut Album, Working With Just Blaze & DJ Premier, And A Surprise That Will Make Hip-Hop History [Video]

Although Mac Miller has exploded onto the Hip-Hop scene and airways lately, Mac has been putting out mixtapes for awhile and is anticipating his debut album.

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May 21st 2:36pm

Coupled Up: Halle’s Swirl Takes Her To See His Ex-Girl In Concert… SMH!

Halle Berry’s boo Olivier Martinez brought her to see his former partner in choppin’ — Kylie Minogue– perform last night in Hollyweird.

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May 21st 2:03pm

In White Folks News: Justin Bieber Is Set To Launch A Line Of Perfume For His Lady “Beliebers”

Like this kid needs any more reasons to have girls going crazy or to make more money…

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May 21st 1:58pm

I Had Tried To Told You: Lamar Kardashian’s Leeching Homie Bails On His Gig!!

We know Khloe is happy as hell that Lamar has seen the light.

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May 21st 1:00pm

One Man’s Journey from the Streets to Million Dollar Success

After selling drugs and being homeless Stephen Pierce found a home for his hustle online.

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May 21st 12:10pm

Ready To Rumble! When Celebrities Try To Be Like Macho Man And Wrestle

It’s undeniable that Macho Man Randy Savage had a huge influence on popular culture. Some major stars grew up watching wrestling and wanted to run around the ring. Here are some celebrities that tried their hand at getting in the squared circle.

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May 21st 12:09pm

EFF An Internet Thug: Hacker Goes H.A.M. With Tiny’s Twitter – Breaks Up With T.I., Goes In On Rihanna And Bomb Threats The White House

If you weren’t on Twitter last night you missed out on some WILD tweets from Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, AKA Mrs. T.I.’s account.

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May 21st 11:43am

Family Finds $45K in Attic and Does What With It?

What would you do if you happened to find $45 thousand dollars cash in the attic of a house you just bought?

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May 21st 10:40am

Knocked Up: Pregnancy Etiquette For Family, Friends And The Mama-To-Be

Pregnancy is one of those events in life that is as fascinating as it is frightful, exciting as it is exhausting and as stimulating as it is stressful.

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