January 12th 4:05pm

You Can’t Be Serious…. The Campaign to Make Barbie Bald

Remember when your bad a** brother used to get your Barbie doll and cut off all its hair??

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January 12th 3:43pm

Proud Papa Hov Says He’s Got 99 Problems, But A “Beyotch” Ain’t One Anymore Thanks To Baby Blue Ivy!

The “Money, Cash, Hoes” MC says he’s giving up on the B-word…word???

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January 12th 3:37pm

Halle Berry Shuts Down Engagement Rumors: “That Ring Was A ‘Gift’…I Ain’t Marrying That French Muhfugga”

Yesterday there was a big announcement that Halle Berry and little swirly French boo had gotten engaged.

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January 12th 3:14pm

Baby Mama Drama: Man Shoots Girlfriend With Shotgun After Finding Out He’s Not The Father [Video]

Craziness. Apparently, this guy was wasn’t getting child support from his girlfriend for the two daughters he was raising.

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January 12th 3:11pm

KFC Reunites Air Force Captain’s Family, Offers $40,000 In Scholarship Money To Kids [Video]

A random act of kindness from KFC brought an Afghanistan veteran home early to see her twin teenage daughters.

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January 12th 3:09pm

‘Poot’ From “The Wire” Stars In FATHERHOOD Music Video

Actor Tray Chaney spreads a lil positivity for all those black fathers out there!!

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January 12th 3:06pm

KKK: Racist Landlord In Ohio STILL Trying To Keep That “Whites Only” Sign At The Pool Gets “Ho Sit Down” From Civil Rights Commission

You would think, after all the flack she caught, that this guy would have at least been SHAMED into ACTING like he wasn’t a kard karrying member of the klan.

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January 12th 2:38pm

A Lil Positivity: Carmelo Anthony, Will And Jada Smith Named Most Charitable Celebs! Find Out Who Else Made The List

The saying is “it is better to give than to receive” and it looks like a few celebrities have no problem giving.

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January 12th 2:37pm

Random Ridiculousness: Man Shoots His Mom Eight Times, Then Her Dog And Cat [Video]

What in the hell would make someone want to not only shoot their own mother, but take out the pets, too?

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