May 31st 3:27pm

Shots Fired?? Dwight Howard Delivers “I’m Not Leaving Orlando” Speech Full Of Subliminals

Dwight Howard is on a mission to kiss Orlando’s a** and have them convinced that without a ring and the right figures on his paycheck he will stay there throughout his career.

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May 31st 3:25pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere On The Web

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May 31st 2:42pm

Lisa Raye And Her Baby Girl Bring Their All White Steez To Puerto Rico For Memorial Weekend

Lisa Raye headed to Puerto Rico for her annual Memorial Day “B2B Mix Down Weekend.”

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May 31st 2:08pm

Don’t Get Caught Slipping: Rules For Your Vacation Hook-Up

You finally pinched all your pennies together and you’re headed to your summer getaway. Whether it’s an island, one of the coasts or an international journey you just might find some gorgeous, sun-kissed man to make you forget about all your real world problems.

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May 31st 1:58pm

What’s At the Root of White Oppression?

It’s not the blacks, browns or any other minority that’s keeping white working-class folks down, but rather the more affluent, blue-eyed white folks.

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May 31st 1:55pm

In Washed Up Rapper News: Ja Rule Wants To End Beef With 50 Cent Before Jail Sentence…Maybe He Needs To Borrow $5

Isn’t this typical of a guy trying to get his life right, find Jesus and make friends right before going into the clink?

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May 31st 1:50pm

Where Is Kim Porter?

Somebody got a J-O-B that doesn’t include a perm box!

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May 31st 1:21pm

Krishna Take The Wheel: Wedding Party Perishes In India Bus Accident

Seriously, no pun intended with the title … this is truly tragic.

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May 31st 12:16pm

Blast From The Past: Coco Before She Got Ice-T Or Those Redonkulous Cakes

Ice-T and Coco Austin’s new show “Ice Loves Coco” premiered this weekend and included a look back at Coco before the fame and the redonkulous cakes.

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