December 1st 12:52pm

It’s A Miracle!: Rihanna Tones It Down For “You Da One” Music Video Behind The Scenes [Video]

Yuuup… she finally stopped dressing like an actual street walker for this one. Or did she?

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December 1st 12:46pm

Dear Bossip: We’ve Been Off & On For 6 Years, Never Had Sex & I Wonder If I’m Wasting My Time

Dear Bossip, I have been involved with this wonderful guy for over six years off and on.

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December 1st 12:33pm

Hatin’ In The House Of The Lawd: Swirl Couples Banned From Membership At Kentucky Church

Did we oversleep and miss the return of Jim Crow or something???

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December 1st 12:28pm

Certified Links

Elsewhere On The Web…

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December 1st 11:52am


Can you say fine? Reggie Bush can.

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December 1st 11:11am

Who Is My Hockey Hall Of Famer Father???

It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out which hockey great this celebrity seed calls Dad.

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December 1st 11:00am

For The Stans: When Is Beyonce Hump Full Of Camel Really Set To Pop???

In case you didn’t catch it, Beyonce’s giddy little “Oh Baby” behind-the-scenes video has made it clear that she is not due in February as originally reported.

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December 1st 10:21am

“The Game” Season 5 First Sneak Peek: Brandy & Jason… Is That Nene? [Video]

Just in case you missed it… The Game has recieved a airing date and just released this new trailer for the upcoming season.

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