November 3rd 10:55am

Hi Hater: Kobe Bryant Isn’t The Only NBA Superstar That Shaquille O’Neal Is Throwing Under The Bus

Not for nothin’, but this whole book is a SERIOUS violation of man-law, but we digress…

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November 3rd 10:48am

Rumor Control?? Slimmy Trimmy J-Hud Is Still Rocking That Thang On The Fourth Finger Of Her Left Hand

Here are Jennifer Hudson and her little chocolate nugget David, Jr. walking through the terminal at Tokyo’s Narita International Airport.

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November 3rd 10:47am

Spotted: Baby Bump Bey Bey And Her Bundled Up Bun In The Oven

BeyBey got her eskimo steez on Wednesday night, bundling up in a huge furry winter coat before leaving her NYC apartment with her trusty bodyguard Julius.

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November 3rd 10:39am

How to Date Two Men… Without Being a Total B*tch

Be fair to yourself until you are ready to settle down with “the one.”

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November 3rd 10:11am

In White Folks News: Jessica “Nice Cakes” Biel Covers Elle Magazine

Here is Jessica Biel’s cover and spread for Elle Magazine’s December 2011 issue…

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November 3rd 10:07am

Machine Gun Kelly Responds To “Yelaface” [Video]

Both of these dudes are busters…

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November 3rd 10:06am

A Little Obvious Introspection: Not-So-Fat-Joe Says He Was Addicted To Food

Since dropping almost half of his body weight, Fat Joe has actually stepped up to become an advocate for poor health in the Hip-Hop community.

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November 3rd 9:50am

Careers From The Crib: Top Ten Work From Home Jobs That Make The Most Money

For those of you looking for a gig where you can sit around in your drawls all day and get paid:

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November 3rd 9:49am

Isht Is WAY Realer In Oakland Than On Wall Street: “Occupy” Protesters Shut Down Port, Fight One-Time And Get Hit By Angry Benz Driver

The poor people in Oakland might be more fed up than any of the other American fed up poor people organizing “Occupy” protests.

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