October 2nd 11:30am

Woman To Woman: He Is Not Leaving Her…

So he told you he was unhappy and that he wished he met you three years ago.

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October 2nd 11:26am

NYC One-Time Shuts Down Occupy Wall Street’s Brooklyn Bridge Protesting With 700 Arrests

New York City police say about 700 protesters have been arrested after they swarmed the Brooklyn Bridge and shut down a lane of traffic for several hours.

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October 2nd 11:17am

Kris Jenner: “I Fantasize About My Daughter Kourtney Marrying Scott Disick And Being Happy”

Wait, we thought Kris Jenner wasn’t a big fan of that Scott Disick character:

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October 2nd 10:14am

President Obama Goes In On Shady GOP: “Y’all Wanksters Should Have Done Something When The Gay Soldier Got Boo’ed”

Barack Obama tells the Republicans what they need to do in order to be a real Commander-in-Chief:

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October 2nd 10:06am

Could California Go Back To Being An Affirmative Action State?

The governor will decide if California schools can consider race and gender again in the admissions process.

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October 2nd 9:18am

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

Here is a photo of Gilbert Arenas that his “fiancee” Laura Govan

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October 1st 8:01pm

Mychael Knight Is Still Doing His Thing

His latest run at NY fashion week proved that he didn’t waste his five seconds of reality fame.

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