October 4th 3:42pm

Anger Management: 7 Public Altercations Involving Rapper Game

Some people just don’t get it. Then some people just don’t give FAWK.

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October 4th 3:03pm

Wild Thing: Old A$$ Rapper Tone Loc Pleads ‘No Contest’ To Spousal Abuse After Catching Fade With His Baby Mama

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times…KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOUSELF! Men AND women!

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October 4th 2:36pm

Caption This

Damn Eddie, shorty looks like she sucks a mean

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October 4th 1:38pm

Journalist Who Exposed Draya Michele Speaks Out About “Made Up Story” Allegations, Plus Some Twitter Comedy From “Draya’s Son”

Draya would really have the world believe that she’s a victim of random slander, wouldn’t she?

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October 4th 12:48pm

What Is Wrong With This Billboard???

Aw poor lil chubby lumpkins babies!

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October 4th 12:31pm

Did BeyBey Get It From Her Mama? Throwback Shots Of Tina Knowles

With BeyBey expecting a lil one soon we thought we’d look back for some clues about the family genes…

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October 4th 12:01pm

When Paying For “Companionship” Goes Wrong: Husband Pulls Out 12 Gauge Shotgun On Man Trying To Get Some “Off The Internet” Lovin’ From His Wife

SMH at this story and this man for “allowing” his wife to offer “companionship services” to skanky random guys:

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