September 22nd 4:19pm

“Unbreakable”: Will Throws Jada A 40th Birthday Bash Complete With An Hour-Long Video About Her Life

We know it’s a coincidence that all this divorce talk happened the year Jada turned 40 and Will being Will Smith probably had some grandiose celebration planned long before the rumors…

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September 22nd 3:52pm

Lil Wayne’s New Album Won’t Be With Drake. It’ll Be A Collabo With…?!

After so much speculation that Weezy and Drake would be dropping a cute rap album similar to Watch The Throne, it looks like Wayne will be teaming up with a different rapper instead.

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September 22nd 3:45pm

Tatted Up Sex-Kittens: 8 Celebrity Tattoos That Make Us Go Hmmm…

It’s no secret that celebrities have an affection for permanent body ink.

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September 22nd 3:43pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere On The Web…

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September 22nd 3:40pm

It Turns Out That Sean Kingston Got Into His Jet Ski Crash Because He Had No Clue What He Was Doing

Looks like Sean kingston’s accident could have been avoided with a little bit of common sense.

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September 22nd 3:33pm

Which Recent Divorcée Is Buying This $18 Million House In The Hamptons?

Must be nice to move from the marriage life into a fat crib like this for the kids.

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September 22nd 3:27pm

Sick And Tired: A Look At The Worst Government Travesties We’ve Endured Since The End Of Racism

We all witnessed the injustice that was the Troy Davis execution last night. While it’s horrific, it’s just one in a long list of injustices committed by the US government against people of color.

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September 22nd 2:39pm

Caption This!

Aw snap… somebody call Savannah!

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September 22nd 1:36pm

Cage Fighting For 8-Year Olds Has People Pissed Off! (Footage Of Brawl) [Video]

The video is crazy… especially when the kid starts to cry! SMH:

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September 22nd 1:28pm

When Rapper Have Political Opinions: Always A Good Thing?

From the days of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five’s “The Message,” hip hop has been a tool for folks to express their views on society’s ills, from poverty to politics. As hip-hop has gone from a musical genre to a culture, the number of rappers speaking their minds has increased tremendously, as have the…

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September 22nd 1:26pm

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

He’s only 17 but Justin Bieber and his 18-year-old girlfriend Selena Gomez are actively plotting on a flock of kids.

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