March 2nd 10:20am

Lauryn Hill Gets Her ‘Twilight’ On [Video]

Guess it was just a matter of time. Watch Lauryn sing about being a “fearless vampire hunter”

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March 2nd 10:01am

Caption This

Ricky Martin and Nicki Minaj

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March 2nd 9:57am

Libyan Rebels Cage Black Africans, Force Them To Eat Flags [Video]

Since the fall of Gaddafi, hundreds of black Africans have been imprisoned by Libyan rebels

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March 2nd 9:48am

Quote Of The Day: George Clooney Doesn’t “Give A Isht” If You Think He’s Gay

Wait, people think that George Clooney is a Gaylord Focker??

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March 2nd 9:35am

Canada Eh? 8 Celebrities We Didn’t Know Were Canadian

Drake isn’t the only famous black Canadian you guys…

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March 2nd 9:24am

Dear Bossip: We’ve Been Friends For 18 Years, But I’m Tired Of Being More Of A Friend To Her

Dear Bossip, Hi! I am in need of some advice about my “friend.” Let’s call her ‘Tee Tee.’

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March 2nd 9:10am

Makin’ It Rain On Them Sexually Harrassin’ Hoes: Doctor’s Assistant Wins $168 Milli In A$$-Slappin’ Lawsuit!

There are strippers who getted slapped on the a$$ for years that don’t get paid like THIS!

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March 2nd 9:07am

Robin Thicke ft. Lil Wayne: “Pretty Lil Heart” [Music Video]

Took forever, but it’s finally here. Now go light some candles with this song on for your boo.

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