September 30th 9:17am

The Side-Eye: Tyrese Banned From Delaware Radio Station, Program Director Offers Super Lame Reason

Earlier this week, Tyrese ruffled some feathers in Delaware by speaking up on behalf of the hood and its children.

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September 30th 9:16am

Drugs Are Bad M’Kay: Feds Pop Three Dozen Pill Pushers In Drug Raid At Boeing Plant!

SMH! It’s amazing that plane parts aren’t raining out of the sky right now.

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September 30th 9:00am

“Deena” The Kim Kardashian Confronter’s Whole Kim Kardashian Rant: “Yeah, Im Jealous… Let Me Tell You Why!” [Video]

Remember yesterday when we showed you Deena from the show H8R? (watch the video above if you missed it) We have just received Deena’s full rant. The video we have on the next page is the one Deena sent in to be on the show. It is over 8 minutes long and is kind of……

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September 30th 8:39am

Black Excellence: Hovi Hov And Mama Carter Put On A Thousand-Dollar-A-Ticket Carnival In NYC For The Kids’ Future

As announced earlier this month, Hubby Hov threw a carnival-themed fundraiser for his “Shawn Carter Scholarship Fund,” which is run by his mother Gloria Carter.

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September 30th 8:29am

Spotted: Michelle Obama And Her Incognegro Swag Shop At A Local Target For Dolo

Despite her Presidential status good ol’ Chelly-O isn’t too good to push a shopping cart

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September 30th 7:57am

In White Folks News: LeAnn “Skin & Bones” Rimes Says The Media Is “Bullying” Her By Calling Her Anorexic And Bullimic

It’s really time for this skinny broad to sit the hell down and eat a pork chop sammich!!

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