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May 7th, 2009
12:19 PM EST

Keyshia Cole Confirms Relationship with Daniel ‘Boogie’ Gibson

Posted by Bossip Staff

Bossip told you a while back that Keyshia Cole was dating Cleveland Cavalier, Daniel ‘Boogie’ Gibson and now its been confirmed…well sorta confirmed. In her new video for Trust featuring Monica, she’s reppin’ her new

April 30th, 2009
12:20 PM EST

Ciara Album Release Party…What!

Posted by Bossip Staff

Yuuup, everybody and their momma came out for Ciara’s release party. Check Jazzy Phae looking like a big peach…SMH

Pop the top to see everyone in the city of Atlanta: Jeezy, Rocko and Monica NeNe,

April 25th, 2009
9:00 AM EST

Seen on the Party Scene

Posted by Bossip Staff

Mary J Blige, and Monica were pictured at  a BET soiree were they announced their new BET channel.  Pop the thang to see the festivities, as well as  Melyssa Ford, Toccara, Mary J.,

April 23rd, 2009
8:19 AM EST

Who Looked More Bangin??

Posted by Bossip Staff

Actress Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon and Santi White, aka Santigold, both attended separate events in LA last night. Seasoned Garcelle did the Los Angeles Antiques Show Opening Night Preview Party at the Barker Hanger, while Santigold attended the

April 18th, 2009
11:46 AM EST

Make Some Room…Mo’Nique’s Coming to Late-Night

Posted by Bossip Staff

Mo’Nique might be coming to late-night TV, so nuccas with shows oughtta just start making way before they get that ass trampled:

April 13th, 2009
9:12 AM EST

Ri Ri the Clown

Posted by Bossip Staff

Rihanna was spotted heading to a recording studio in Santa Monica looking like she let a blind rookie at the MAC counter have their God-awful way with her face. As if she needs all that make-up

April 13th, 2009
7:45 AM EST

New York Still Milking Reality Circuit

Posted by Bossip Staff

New York’s new show, New York Goes to Work, is airing on VH1 next month. Viewers get to choose the ghetto reality queen’s next job assignment:

Tiffany “New York” Pollard, resident reality queen, is back

April 7th, 2009
8:42 AM EST

Still Standing

Posted by Bossip Staff

Monica’s new reality show, Still Standing, is due this fall. From the look of these promo pictures it might be exciting…

Pop the thang to see more.

April 6th, 2009
10:15 AM EST

Swag to Spare

Posted by Bossip Staff

Anyone who has even a resemblance of swagger hit up the Swagga Like Us concert in the “A”. You name the person and chances are they were in the house (minus Plies for some reason). TI

April 6th, 2009
7:44 AM EST

Daddy’s Little Girls

Posted by Bossip Staff

Chris Rock spent some very quality time with his little princesses, Lola and Zahra, at Third St. Promenade in Santa Monica, Cali. Keep them thangs off that pole, Chris; it’s your solemn duty. LOL

More pics

March 23rd, 2009
8:22 AM EST

If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It

Posted by Bossip Staff

Man, the average chick who dares to go where Monica goes with her hairstyles, would get that ass lit up.  For some reason, this just seems to work for her.  You go, hot mama.

More pics

March 18th, 2009
7:15 AM EST

Coast to Coast

Posted by Bossip Staff

Rumor has it that the Careys are looking to leave the vicious streets of New York and head for greener pastures in LA, where Mariah can focus on her acting:

March 9th, 2009
5:05 AM EST

Keyshia Cole Strikes Gold

Posted by Bossip Staff

Keyshia Cole’s album, A Different Me, just went gold last week:

Keyshia Cole has more than her hit BET series ‘The Way It Is’ to smile about. According to RIAA reports, Cole’s new album “A Different

February 24th, 2009
12:30 PM EST

Ne-Yo to Breezy: “That Sh*t’s Inexcusable”

Posted by Bossip Staff

The Chrihanna debacle hits close to home for Ne-Yo:

February 24th, 2009
10:45 AM EST

F*ck A Corporate Thug – We Want Our Money Back Suckas!!

Posted by Bossip Staff

We thought you may want to know where some of your hard earned tax money is going these days:

A bank that received $1.6 billion in bailout money just spent a fortune last week in L.A.


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