November 3rd 9:49am

Isht Is WAY Realer In Oakland Than On Wall Street: “Occupy” Protesters Shut Down Port, Fight One-Time And Get Hit By Angry Benz Driver

The poor people in Oakland might be more fed up than any of the other American fed up poor people organizing “Occupy” protests.

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November 3rd 9:27am

Take That, Take That, Take That…And Leave Me The Hell Alone!!: Diddy Gives Back To The Homeless In Hollyweird

We see Diddy, the homeless man, but…who the hell are those random white folks?!

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November 3rd 9:05am

Gramps Gets Down For His Gwap! 83-Year Old Man Popped For Trying To Slang That Ancient Ding-A-Lang

Meet Ben Dawson. He’s been charged with trying to pimp out his pre-historic pipe.

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November 3rd 8:53am

He Wants That Old Thang Back! Is Reggie Bush Pining For Kimmy Cakes???

Is it out with the new and in with the old for Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush?

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November 3rd 8:07am

Stand By Your Man: Nicki Minaj Says Her Weave Carrier Boo Scaff Beezy Didn’t Touch That Money Hungry Ex-Maid Of Hers

We can’t wait for Nicki‘s “Behind The Music” so we can try to understand this dude‘s hold on her.

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