May 17th 4:04pm

All Hail The Greeks Pt. 2: Alphas And Sigmas

Kids, go to college. One reason getting a higher education is awesome is the ability to pledge at any number of Historically Black Greek Letter Organizations.

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May 17th 3:22pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere On The Web

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May 17th 2:43pm

For Your Information: Supreme Court Says One-Time Doesn’t Need A Warrant If They Smell That Loud

Hide your kush, hide your purp. Especially if you’re in your own home.

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May 17th 2:00pm

Fear of the Blackface Minstrel

Do degraded images of African-Americans still pose a threat to the community?

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May 17th 1:36pm

The Short End Of The Stick: Starbucks Sued For Possible Discrimination Against A Former Midget Employee

Just because she short don’t mean she can’t make a mean macchiato latte!

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May 17th 1:25pm

This Lady Is Disgusting: Married Teacher Popped For Having An Orgy With Five Students At Her Home

These sexing up students on your free time shenanigans are getting way out of hand:

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May 17th 12:24pm

Certified Links

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May 17th 11:17am

Putting Down The Pen For The Mic: Hottest Songwriters Turned Singers

While many artist are comfortable with sitting in the background and making that publishing money,

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