January 4th 4:37pm

Fellas Is This Right? Tionna Smalls Says Men Love Abuse in New Book

Remember ole girl that tried to help Chilli find a man? Well, she wrote a new book.

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January 4th 4:24pm

Jesus Take The Wheel: Police Shoot And Kill Teenager With A Gun At A Middle School

Sad way to bring in the 2012 semester for students in Brownsville, Texas.

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January 4th 2:26pm

Awww You Mad? Cry Baby Chris Breezy May Not Be Doing Any More Interviews In 2012!

Breezy might be trying to clean up his act in 2012. Good for him, maybe?

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January 4th 1:58pm

Class Of 2012: The 20 [Mostly] New [Mostly] Black Kids On The Block To Keep An Eye On This Year (Part 1)

For the ambitious, those chasing a dream, every new year feels like THAT YEAR. Sadly, that’s not quite how it turns out for most.

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