November 23rd 10:52am

Objection Your Honor!!: A$$-Kicking Judge Suspended With Pay For YouTube Video Of His Daughter’s Beating

One thing’s for sure, he definitely had some “contempt” when he was layin’ the smack-down on his daughter…

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November 23rd 10:01am

Pure Comedy: Jimmy Fallon Apologizes For The Roots Playing Fishbone’s “Lyin A$$ Itchbay” When Michele Bachmann Was On The Show

Conservative pundits got their panties in a bunch again this week after it was discovered that The Roots played a lyric-free version of Fishbone’s “Lyin’ A$$ B***h” as walk-on music for Michele Bachmann’s “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” appearance.

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November 23rd 9:37am

9 Celeb Men Whose Antics Cost Them Their Swexy

Many of the big names I used to claim as my boo and other who women used to love the way they ogle over Idris now have become or are slowly becoming a mess for a variety of reasons.

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November 23rd 9:29am

In White Folks News: Angelina Jolie’s Freaky Azz Saves All Her Freakiness For Her Boo Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie admits that she battled many demons back in the day, but now her devilish side belongs to her love Brad Pitt:

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November 23rd 9:21am

Trans “Fake Doctor” Accused Of Pumping Cakes With Fix-A-Flat Says She Didn’t Do It

A lawyer for the trans woman accused of nearly killing a woman by pumping her cakes full of Fix-a-Flat says she didn’t do it and police can’t prove she did.

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November 23rd 8:54am

Police Have Opened Two New Cases Against Penn State Perv Jerry Sandusky Involving Victims Who Are Still Minors

Police are investigating two new cases against Penn State alleged perv Jerry Sandusky

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