May 11th 12:52pm

Sit Down, Kid: Andrew Bynum Tries To Apologize But He’s Still Suspended For His Punk Move

After going out like a big BEETCH against the Mavs on Sunday, Andrew Bynum tried to apologize…

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May 11th 12:09pm

Sheree Whitfield, Tameka Raymond And Q Parker Attend ATL Live On The Park

Last night, event producers Shanti Das and Marlon Nichols along with over 300 Atlanta tastemakers and music industry insiders celebrated the One-Year Anniversary of ATL LIVE ON THE PARK.

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May 11th 11:52am

Ewww…Chelsea Handler Finally Admits Fiddy Smashed Her Narrow Pasty Cakes!

In news that will make you barf…Chelsea Handler has finally admitted that 50 Cent chopped her down in a “casual” relationship. Duh.

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May 11th 11:49am

Matrimony-dom Bliss: Forest And Keisha “Feed Me Please” Whitaker Coupled Up In Hollyweird

Forest Whitaker was spotted coppin’ books with his bangin’ but extremely slimmy trimmy wife-piece Keisha Whitaker in Hollyweird.

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May 11th 11:34am

End Of Days: Mississippi River Almost Hits Record High In Memphis

This is what it looks like in Memphis, Tennessee right now.

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May 11th 11:30am

4 Top-Selling Perfumes and Colognes From Celebs of Color

These stars lead with their nose and rake it in with both hands.

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May 11th 11:02am

When The Checks Stop Coming In… Is The Production Company Making Tupac’s Biopic Filing Bankruptcy???

Don’t worry guys TUPAC is still coming to a theater near you, Summer 2013.

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May 11th 10:22am

Lowkey Bromance: Bugsy Says He And Camel Like To Use Each Other

Remember when 50 dropped “How To Rob” and Jay-Z responded through music with “I’m about a dollar/What the fawk is 50 Cent?”

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May 11th 9:58am

A “House” Is Not Always A Home: Man In Augusta, Ga Found Living On Top Of A Waffle House

Living on the roof his belongings must have been scattered, smothered, covered.

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May 11th 9:44am

Seen On The Scene: Zoe Saldana And NeNe “Linebacker” Leakes Spotted Stuntin In LA

Zoe Saldana and NeNe Leakes were seen (separately) out in LA the other day

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May 11th 9:39am

Slimmy Trimmy Jenny’s Still Got Some Thickness To Her

Slimmy Trimmy Jenny made an appearance for Weight Watchers yesterday, rocking a pair of jeggins, sneakers and a t-shirt.

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May 11th 9:36am

Hi Hater: Murking Of White Supremacist By 10-Year-Old Son Brings Light To America’s Neo-Nazis

Last week we told you about the racist father of five who was allegedly shot to death by his 10-year-old son, who was being raised to follow his Neo-Nazi dad’s beliefs.

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