February 21st 11:16am

From Riches To Rags: A Gallery Of Huge, Multi-Million Dollar, Ballerific Cribs That Have Been Foreclosed On

The economy might be making a comeback, but times are still hard, and even the filthy fawking rich have bills to pay.

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February 21st 11:02am

Dear Bossip: The Director Of The Film I Was In Is Trying To Push Up On Me, But I’m Not Interested In Him

Dear Bossip, Terrance, I just want to start off by saying that I read Bossip just for you, and I love your straight forwardness.

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February 21st 10:56am

More Trashy Girls Make Racist Rant Video “Black Girls Are Mad Their Hair Can’t Be Brushed… It’s Nappy And Stinks!” [Video]

So the new white girl fad isn’t Taylor Swift, it’s demeaning black people… right?

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February 21st 10:42am

It Was All Good Just a Week Ago: When Celebrity BFFs Break Up

These former best friends fell out over money, loyalty, men and more.

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February 21st 10:36am

Excessive?: Watch Cop Tase Handcuffed Girl In Back Leaving Her Brain Dead And In Vegetated State [Video]

This is a very tough and disturbing video to watch and form an opinion on.

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February 21st 10:27am

Something New: Dania Ramirez Boo’d Up Outside Pre-Oscar Party

Mmmm mmm mmm Dania is looking gooder than a muhfugga!

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February 21st 9:37am

Teen Becky’s Make Racist Rant Against Black People Videos And Family Is Sorrowful: Dumb Birds Go To Mostly Black School… So It’s On And Poppin! [Video]

This kid above makes a great point about these “white girls” and their continuous racism toward other races.

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February 21st 9:14am

Guess The Cougar Cakes…

These cougar cakes were spotted stuntin with their lil boo

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