September 6th 9:13pm

Black Church’s Protest of FAIR Education Act Typifies Hypocrisy

A Southern Missionary Baptist Church pastor in California is none too happy about the inclusion of gay history in schools.

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September 6th 6:26pm

For The Fellas: Sanaa Lathan Is Single And Looking For ___________

Sanaa Lathan chopped it up with Today’s Black Woman Style Report recently about love and career.

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September 6th 5:36pm

7 Things Women Have GOT to Stop Doing in Public

I know from time to time I can go in pretty hard on men in my posts, but don’t worry though, I’m an equal opportunity meanie.

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September 6th 5:25pm

Question Of The Day: How Would Your Child Know This Person Wasn’t Born A Man???

A bunch of uptight, bible-belt-y moms have decided to wage war against the good folks at ABC for allowing Chaz Bono to appear on “Dancing With The Stars” with a female partner.

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