May 10th 8:55am

Rumor Control: One-Time Confirms Bobbi Kristina Was Involved In An ‘Incident,’ But…

Sometimes, statements that are supposed to shut down rumors just make matters worse.

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May 10th 8:40am

Congratulations On Covert Matrimony-dom: Did Luda Secretly Wife Up His Banger?

Rumor has it Luda put a ring on it… and we can’t say we blame him a bit!

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May 10th 8:29am

We Didn’t Even Know He Had A Baby… The Mother Of Jermaine Dupri’s 7-Month-Old Is Already Suing

Yes, Jermaine Dupri has a 7-month-old. And he’s already fallen behind on his child support payments already.

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May 10th 8:27am

Bron Bron And The Shady Miami Heat Beat The Celtics In An Overtime Nail-Biter!

They’re only 1 win away from the Eastern Confernce finals, looks like this thing might work afterall…

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May 10th 7:00am

Some Punchout Morning Papa And Princess Preciousness

Mike Tyson was spotted strolling Washington Dulles airport with his daughter Milan Monday.

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May 9th 7:36pm

Wal-Mart’s Latest Victim: South Africa

Wal-Mart and its imperialistic business model head to the motherland.

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May 9th 5:53pm

What to Expect from a Gentleman

Whoever said chivalry was dead must have taken a glimpse into my former dating life.

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May 9th 5:21pm

There Can Be Miracles: Looks Like Paula Abdul’s Crazy Self Got A Job

Looks like Paula Abdul can turn in her EBT cards and get wasted on expensive alcohol instead of 40 ounces, now.

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May 9th 5:18pm

You Mad? Celebrities That Throw The Biggest Tantrums

Momma always said you don’t get what you want by crying about it. Apparently these 10 celebrities never heard that rule.

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