December 23rd 2:52pm

Not YOU Again: 7 Celebs Who Can Make It Hard to Like Them

Everyone else loves them, but there’s something about these folks that rubs us the wrong way…

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December 23rd 2:07pm

Elsewhere In The World: Ne-Yo Takes His Giving Tour To Haiti And Gets Some Backup Action From The Crowd [Video]

This year, Ne-Yo extended his “Giving Tour” from a five-city bus trip to an international journey that took him to Angola and Haiti.

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December 23rd 1:02pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere On The Web…

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December 23rd 12:54pm

Some Illuminati Mommy-To-Be Preciousness: Beyonce’s Goes On And On About Christmas Shopping For Hubby Hov And Her Hump Full Of Camel

Won’t you be happy in a few more weeks when Beyonce finally has this baby (or pics her up from wherever you Anti-stans really think the baby’s coming from)??

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December 23rd 12:37pm

Man Slores: Men That Chopped Down Enough Women To Makes Kobe’s “105” Look Like Child’s Play

Everyone was astounded by Vanessa saying that Kobe chopped down a ton of women. But these guys passed that number years ago!

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December 23rd 12:34pm

Shawty Lo Hospitalized Due To Diabetes

Shawty Lo had a scare this week, but is doing well now.

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December 23rd 11:08am

Here We Go Again: Tameka Raymond Denies Accusing Ush Of Popping Pills And Blowing Kush

Just when we thought all the hoopla around Usher and Tameka’s custody beef had quieted down

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