November 14th 7:52am

Herman “Big Daddy” Cain Gets A Little Backup From Wife Gloria: “He’d Have To Have A Split Personality To Do Those Things”

Herman Cain’s wife Gloria finally got her closeup, and it sounds like she used most of it to help her husband’s credibility.

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November 13th 1:21pm

Secret Adoptions, Reality TV, And Finding Daddy Drugged Up And Passed Out: Our First Inside Look At Prince, Paris And Blanket’s Lives

Ever since seeing those little un-smiley photo of Blanket Jackson at the Michael Jackson tribute concert in the U.K. last month, we’ve been a little curious about what the Jackson kids’ lives are really like now that their dad is gone.

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November 13th 12:23pm

Does Your Relationship Need A Refresh??

Anyone who has ever read my love and relationship column knows I am a martyr for monogamy; but, I would be lying through my teeth if I acted as if it was a walk in the park.

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November 13th 12:12pm

Random Ridiculousness: 64-Year-Old Man Injured In Drive-By Pumpkin Attack

You know how you don’t really want to laugh at old people when bad things happen to them.

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November 13th 11:35am

MC Lyte Sings Praises To Nicki Minaj, Calls Her A “Smart Business Woman” [Video]

MC Lyte was spotted at a Pennsylvania college this week where she not only taught a class,

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