December 20th 9:36am

To Whom Does This Shiny New Toy Belong???

After the roughest year of his life, which included a near-death experience, this Miami native got an early Christmas gift from a very special lady over the weekend. Do you know whose car this is?

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December 20th 9:14am

What Is Wrong With This Picture??

Who in the hell does isht like this, and thinks it’s cute to post on FB?

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December 20th 9:00am

Freaks! Dutch TV Hosts Cooked And Ate Each Other’s Flesh To See How Human Meat Tastes

We’ve heard of people doing crazy ish for ratings but this is just disgusting.

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December 20th 8:38am

Put On Blast: Oprah Says Kimmy Cakes Doesn’t Give A Fawk About Haitian People And Her Trip Was A Publicity Stunt

GASP! No way, Oprah! Kim… KARDASHIAN? An attention slore??? We’re shocked!

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December 20th 8:36am

Lawsuits: 2 Muslim Men Are Suing Delta For Being Removed From A Flight That Was About To Take Off

It’s hard out here for a traditionally-dressed Islamic pimp…

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December 20th 8:36am

Rumor Control: Sanaa Lathan Says She’s Not Kobe’s Type Of Girl  Swirl

Sanaa Lathan denied rumors that she was throwing them juicy backs on Kobe Bryant at one of last week’s Watch The Throne concerts.

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December 20th 7:25am

Family Values: Vanessa Bryant’s Ex-Step Daddy Says That She Got Her Gold-Diggin’ Swag From Her Punk Arse Mama!!

Damn bruh, just throw her AND her mama under a speeding bus why don’t ya…

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