February 14th 9:46am

Elsewhere In The World: A Pakistani Law That Attempted To Ban Hip-Hop Has Been Overturned To Help Encourage Tolerence

“The Camel’s” music can once again be blasted from the backs of camels all across Pakistan!

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February 14th 9:16am

Caption This

Happy Valentine’s Day, ladies!!! Here is Barry “taco meat” Bonds

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February 14th 9:08am

The Side-Eye: Oprah Winfrey Apologizes For Her Thirsty Tweet Begging Folks To Watch Her OWN Network During The Grammy’s

C’mon Oprah, you know cotdamn well that we DGAF about your lil’ punk a$$ channel!

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February 14th 8:39am

New Music: Nicki Minaj “Starships”

Onika is back with more new tunes as a Valentine’s Day present for her Barbz and Kens

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February 14th 8:26am

Freaks: XXL Removes Video Of Too Short Giving Jr. High Boys Lessons In “Getting To The Hole”

Would you want your kid taking advice from someone who admits their favorite word is “Beyatch”???

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