December 19th 9:16am

The New York Knicks Scoop Up Veteran Cavs Point Gaurd Baron Davis To Help ‘Melo And ‘Mare

This shortened NBA season looks like it may just be exciting after all…

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December 19th 9:11am

Out Of Pocket: Dutch Magazine Calls Rihanna “The Ultimate N***aB***h”!!!

Okay. You cannot tell us in 2011 that no one thought this article would be offensive.

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December 19th 9:04am

Random Ridiculousness: Daddy-To-Be Hov Wants His And Beybey’s Unborn Baby To Ride Around In A Bulletproof Armored Car

We understand that they want to protect the baby and everything, but this is just a tad bit too much…don’t cha think?!?!?!

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December 19th 9:01am

Tim Tebow Skit On SNL With Jesus Making A Special Appearance [Video]

People into religion should be pissed off at this skit.

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December 19th 8:52am

Captain Save A —: Celebrity Men Who…Well You Know

These men wanted to save and these women wanted to be saved.

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December 19th 8:44am

Democracy Of Hypocrisy: Rick “N****head” Perry Says That Because Gays Are “Sinners” They Should Not Serve In The Military

But all other sinners SHOULD be allowed to serve?!?! A 14-year-old openly bisexual girl collared Texas Gov. Rick Perry after his town hall here and challenged him to explain the reasoning behind his belief that gays should not serve openly in the military. “I just want to know why you’re so opposed to gays serving…

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December 19th 8:37am

This Is The Face Of One Sick Muhfugga: Details On Man Who Burned Woman Alive And Torched Her To Death On NYC Elevator

Remember the crazy story from yesterday where a man set a woman on fire in an NYC elevator? Well here are more details:

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December 19th 8:14am

Divorces: Tina Knowles’ Marriage To Baby Daddy Matty Is Now A Thing Of The Past… Finally!

BeyBey and Solo’s mommy and daddy have officially called it quits.

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December 19th 7:47am

Watch Rihanna Run Off Stage Throwing Up During “What’s My Name” Performance In Portugal [Video]

So, do you all think that Riri is preggers, just caught a bug, or got dope sick from black tar smack???

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December 19th 7:33am

Elsewhere In The World: Psycho North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Il Died Over The Weekend

It’s the end of an era… which may or may not be a good thing for the people of North Korea.

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