August 27th 11:12am

Cake Crazy Diddy’s Next Project Is A Book All About Backs… Titled “Culo”

Somebody’s definitely still got J.Lo on the brain…

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August 27th 10:55am

In White Folks News: Brad Pitt Keeps A Woman From Getting A Mud-Hole Stomped In Her!

Mr. Angelina Jolie was Johnny-on-the-spot on the set of his new flick

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August 27th 10:24am

Got A Man? Well Act Like It!

Being in relationship-be it a boyfriend/girlfriend situation or a marriage-does not mean that you have to sign over your free will or your ability to be yourself.

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August 27th 10:10am

UPDATE: ‘Beheading Dad’ Jeremiah Wright Faces First Degree Murder Charges, Life Sentence, And Death Penalty

If anyone in the history of the justice system deserves the death penalty it’s this guy.

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August 27th 9:27am

WANTED: Police Have Issued A Warrant For Ex-NBA Baller Javaris Crittenton

Another day, another athlete throwing his life away behind some foolishness…

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August 27th 8:19am

Dwyane Wade Talks Lauren London Rumors About Having A “Union” With Her And Chopping It Down! [Video]

Well, like Wade’s last wife… Gabby has nothing to worry about. According to them… can’t take someone that is already gone.

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August 26th 6:32pm

How To Avoid Toxic Friendships

If you’ve ever found yourself in the company of an exceptionally negative person, you know how draining it can be.

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August 26th 6:25pm

Pure Comedy: The “Trey Smith” Who Shut Down Will & Jada Break-Up Rumors On Twitter Is A Phony

This Will and Jada break-up situation gets more suspect by the second.

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August 26th 6:21pm

The White Rapper Show: Hip-Hop’s 10 Most Popular White Rappers

Does anyone remember egotrip’s The (White) Rapper Show?

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August 26th 6:11pm

The-Nightmare Opens Up About Destroying His Marriage To C-Milli And Implies It Was Her Fault For Marrying Him In The First Place

Hold up, did this dirty dog think he could throw shade at Christina without us picking up on it?

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August 26th 5:40pm

Hurricane Irene Forces NYC Mayor Bloomberg To Order Mandatory Evacuations For The First Time In History!!!

That Empire State of Mind is nice and all but it’s time to get the heck out of dodge folks!

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August 26th 5:10pm

Exclusive: Eazy E’s Daughter E.B. Wright Talks New Music, Not Being A Spoiled Brat And How She’s Not Like Her Dad

Erin Bria Wright a.k.a “E.B. Wright” who some will say has inherited the “It Factor” from her late father (Eric “Eazy-E” Wright), is definitely the new generation of celebrity seeds that’s worth more than just her famous last name and affiliation.

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August 26th 4:38pm

Katt Williams Starts Fight With Ignorant Insults To Mexican American Fan Who Still Loves Mexico [Video]

Katt, this is just racism learned from the originator. We’re sure that Fat Sheriff Joe out there is very proud of you, Katt…

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