August 28th 10:34pm

Whose Backs Looked More Bangin??? Kim Kardashian Vs. Zoe Saldana

Here are both Kim Kardashian and Zoe Saldana showing off their backsides for MTV at the VMAs.

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August 28th 9:39pm

What In The Fizzuck Is Nicki Minaj Wearing???

We’re all for “creativity” and all that other bullshizzzzzz, but damn.

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August 28th 9:21pm

Coupled Up: Amber Rose And Wiz Khalifa Get Their “Lovebird” On At The VMAs

Amber Rose and Snoop Dogg 2.0 aka Wiz Khalifa hit up the VMA red carpet as if they were strolling down lover’s lane.

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August 28th 8:48pm

What A Banger Looks Like…

Here is Kelly “Pretty Brown Brown” Rowland stuntin on the red carpet at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards with her tatas on blast.

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August 28th 4:55pm

Will You Be Watching: Hov And Yeezy Bringing The Throne To The VMAs

In case you can’t afford those $200+ “Watch The Throne” tour tickets, here’s a chance for you to do some live throne watching.

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August 28th 4:39pm

Show Em’ A Little Leg: Fall Fashion Finds

As the weather turns a bit crisp you’ll soon start to see jeans and trousers slowly take over the store shelves

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August 28th 4:28pm

Pure Comedy: Hurricane Irene Tweets Her Way Through The Northeast, Plus Photos Of Storm In NYC

If you haven’t heard by now, New York City got all hurricane ready for what turned out to be just a big a** thunderstorm.

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August 28th 1:48pm

What Is Wrong With This Picture??? A Colorful Assortment Of Crazy/Deranged Mugshots

Here’s an entertaining assortment of lovely mugshots of crazy Floridians

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August 28th 1:46pm

Face Jewelry: Celebrity Women With Nose Piercings

Each of these celebrity women pass the bar when it comes to artistic expression and social independence.

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August 28th 1:02pm

Meagan Good Talks Turning 30, Being A Party Animal [Photos]

Meagan Good is the latest cover story for an issue

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August 28th 12:27pm

Jay-Z Responds To Lil Wayne’s Diss? [Video]

Did Jay-Z finally fire back at Lil Wayne for his diss against him and Beyonce on a new track?

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August 28th 12:24pm

Epitome Of Bad Parents: Couple’s Son Dies After They Refused To Give Him Water For Five Days During Texas Heatwave

Another child lost at the hands of the people who should have been keeping him safe.

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August 28th 12:22pm

In White Folks News: Chelsea Handler Gets Kicked Out Of Men’s Room For Getting It In With A Guy Wearing “Gold Shoes” In A Stall

This one sounds interesting: Chelsea Handler lived up to her party-girl reputation at a summer bash for her hotelier boyfriend, Andre Balazs, when she was escorted out of the men’s bathroom

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