January 17th 1:41pm

Diddy Put On Blast For Being Controlling Over Cameron “Man Yokes” Diaz At Post Golden Globes Bash

She might have the man yokes but he’s still got her in check. Let the record show Diddy is RUNNING these hoes.

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January 17th 1:36pm

I Don’t Wanna Push: Celebrities Who Spared Their Bodies and Used Surrogates

As a last ditch effort, many celebrities have turned to surrogacy to conceive their children. But some have done so out of pure vanity.

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January 17th 12:27pm

Why Common Can’t Win His Beef With Drake

Let’s not kid ourselves here, Common can and will rap circles around Drake.

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January 17th 12:19pm

Certified Links

Elsewhere On The Web…

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January 17th 12:12pm

Making It Rain On Them Corporate Hoes: Woman Fired For “Working During Her Lunch Break” Wins Unemployment Claim After Two Years

It seems crazy that a business would fire someone for doing “free work” on her lunch break, right??

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January 17th 11:48am

ChitChatter: Nick Cannon Talks With Howard Stern About His Kidney Scare, Gary Coleman, And If MiMi Sings To Him During Sex

Nick Cannon is back in business and took the time out today to chat with Howard Stern on an assortment of topics:

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