October 3rd 1:43pm

*Scratches Head* Soulja Boy Says His Career Was Inspired By Shakespeare

Soulja Boy had some interesting things to say…it’s like he…reads or something?

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October 3rd 1:08pm

Make It Rain Raps: The Most Popular Strip Club Rappers

A number of rappers are known for their party anthems that make people dance in the clubs but what about the ones

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October 3rd 12:59pm

Shackin’ Up & Swirlin': Veronica Webb And Boo Chris del Gatto Moving In Together

Ah, love is in the air: Supermodel Veronica Webb and Circa CEO Chris del Gatto have become “inseparable”

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October 3rd 12:21pm

Hi Haters: Critics Aren’t Too Impressed With Kanye West’s Clothing Line

Looks like Kanye West will have something to complain about soon…

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October 3rd 12:07pm

Blonde Bombshell Rih Rih Does British Vogue And Puts That Lil Derriere Of Hers On Blast

Oooh la la! Look at Rihanna and her lil blonde “booty and beret” Marilyn Monroe steez

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October 3rd 11:46am

No Romo: The Cowboys Blow The Biggest Lead In Franchise History…Are They Sending Their QB Packing?!

We know a lot of you are Cowboys fans…so we’ll take this time to make fun of you!

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October 3rd 11:44am

Why HBCUs Are Endangered

Although HBCUs cost an average of $10,000 less per year than their predominant white counterparts, their survival is challenging.

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October 3rd 11:21am

Makin’ It Rain: The Most Infamous Celebrity Side Hustles Of All Time!

Every celebrity eventually has to find a second job when the well runs dry, but they don’t always work. Sometimes, they just fade away because they couldn’t adapt. Other times, a side hustle is necessary.

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