October 11th 1:43pm

You Family? Celebs Who We Didn’t Know Were Black

While it’s usually easy to spot a brotha or sista, sometimes a few manage to slip on by without being noticed. Here are a few celebs you may have overlooked.

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October 11th 1:19pm

The Cringe: Maryland Man Accidentally Mistakes A Bottle Of Super Glue For His Eye-Drops

We can’t even imagine the type of pain this guy was in…

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October 11th 12:58pm

Is It OK For Black Actors To Dress Up in Women’s Clothing?

There have been a number of black actors/comedians, who have been more than eager to don the outrageous lacefronts, plus-size stockings and beated face. But is it fair to only call out Black men?

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October 11th 12:50pm

Crazy In Love: The Wildest, Strongest Relationship Rumors We’ve Never Been Able To Prove, But They Just Won’t Go Away

Love rumors are all around us every day. Unfortunately, we can’t prove a lot of them.

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October 11th 12:50pm

Dear Bossip: I Gave My Virginity To A Man I Only Communicate With Via Text & I Really Like Him

Dear Bossip, I’ve been seeing this guy for almost 6 months. I met him in NYC while I was visiting from Atlanta.

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October 11th 12:38pm

Monica Speaks To Essence: “Truth Needs No Support… I Love My Husband And He Loves Me”

We all know Monica does not PLAY when it comes to her kids and man.

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October 11th 12:29pm

Involuntary Manslaughter Was The Case They Gave Him: The Latest In The MJ “Murder” Murray Trial

Morning Express with Robin Meade correspondent and In Session Anchor Ryan Smith along with In Session correspondent Beth Karas say it’s possible we could see the prosecution rest this week.

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October 11th 11:21am

Mike Epps, Rick Ross, Twista & Wale At The 2011 BET Hip-Hop Awards [Exclusive Video]

Hip-Hop Wired caught up with The 2011 BET Hip-Hop Awards host Mike Epps on the red carpet as he gave the skinny on his new films as well as his upcoming halftime Superbowl Comedy show.

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October 11th 11:00am

You Done Changed: Stores That Have Gone “Saditty” For No Reason

Once upon a time, these stores offered savings and value. Today, they are breaking my pockets!

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October 11th 10:52am

Denzel Washington Is An Oscar Winning Actor, But He Wears “Old Uncle Clothes” To The Club In ATL…[PICS]

The usually dapper and well-dressed Denzel looked a little, dare we say…bummy

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