January 13th 5:18pm

Is Mitt “The Meatpacker” Romney Holdin’ That Pipe Work For The Ladies??? [Video]

“How big do ya think it is? Go ahead, take a wild guess”

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January 13th 4:46pm

Watch Nancy Grace SHUT DOWN Friend Of Van Der Sloot After He Blames Victim For Her Own Murder [Video]

This douchebag had it coming. When CNN Anchor Nancy Grace hears a friend of Joran Vander Sloot

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January 13th 4:11pm

The Hood Life: Charlotte Man Has $10,000 Worth Of Air Jordans Stolen From His Home!!

Two things you can’t play with, a ninja’s momma and a ninja’s J’s…SMH

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January 13th 4:03pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere on the Web

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January 13th 3:44pm

Clap Back! The 15 Cities With The Worst Herpes Rates In The Country…EWWWW!!!

Wrap it up everywhere…but ESPECIALLY in these states!

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January 13th 1:57pm

More Deion And Pilar Divorce Drama: Someone Is Moving Out Of “Casa De Prime Time”

What happened? We thought Deion said they were cool with faking it for the babies?

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January 13th 1:42pm

Who Is My Hot Hollyweird Banger Mama?

This little guy just made his big Los Angeles debut yesterday, but his Mama has been a banger in the business for a minute. Do you know who she is???

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