January 20th 9:47am

Who Is My Daddy??

My daddy is a singer who was once accused of being a “sex addict”…

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January 20th 9:34am

They Get It From Their Daddies: Cutie Pie Sons Of The Famous & Fine

These offspring were blessed with their daddys’ good looks and talents (sometimes).

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January 20th 9:00am

A Beautiful Girl-Swirl Fantasy: Curvaceous Coco And “Thicky Thigh” C-Milli Flick It Up In The Club

This is one ice-cream girl-swirl sammich that we’d like be the filling for…

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January 20th 8:58am

Random Ridiculousness: Man Wears A Wig And Pretends To Be His Dead Sister To Pick Up Her Drug Prescription

Drugs are bad and make you do really really dumb things. This is a prime example:

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January 20th 8:43am

SMH: Jessica Alba Admits That Her 3-Year-Old Daughter Honor Loves To Dress In “Drag”

Jessica Alba reveals that her daughter likes to dress in “full drag”:

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January 20th 8:33am

Ungh I’m Not Your Daddy, Somebody Lied… Rick Ross Denies Deadbeat Claims From Woman Who Says He Fathered Her 3-Year-Old

Do you believe Ross? Cuz we have a pretty good feeling he has no idea about anything that happens below t*tty level.

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January 20th 8:29am

Newt Gingrich Ain’t Sh*t: Shady Politician Cops An Attitude And Angrily Denies “Open Marriage” Accusations

Newt “fake a$$ conservative” Gingrich, who has been married three times and apparently cheated on his wives, shuts down the allegations from his ex-wife Marianne that he wanted an “open marriage”:

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