January 19th 9:57am

New Couple??? Did Tyra Banks Bag A New Balinese Boo Thang On Her Voyage To Asia?

Dang Tyra must have picked up her quick rebound skills from Chris Webber!

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January 19th 9:54am

Race Matters: Study Shows That Black Doctors Are Far Superior To White Doctors In Bedside Manner And Non-Verbal Communication

What is it that Black doctors are doing to ease patients fears that White doctors aren’t???

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January 19th 9:30am

The Bald And The Beautiful: Amber Rose Gets Goth And Edgy For New Pictorial [Photos]

Here is Amber Rose and her shaved dome piece in all of it’s splendor in a new photo spread.

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January 19th 9:30am

Terribly Tatted Up: When Celebrities Get Ratchet Tattoos for the Ones They Love

I see all that money can’t buy these people sense. *shakes head at tattoos*

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January 19th 9:13am

When The Checks Stop Coming In… Kodak Files Bankruptcy Because They Are $7 Billi In The Hole!!!

Damn shame that “a picture is worth a thousand words” and not dollars!

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