October 10th 6:57pm

Should You Give Him Your Number?

Here are a few common scenarios in which the exchange of info may give you pause, along with our advice on how to proceed.

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October 10th 6:17pm

Hide Ya Kids? Is Kimmy Cakes 15-Year-Old Sister Kendall Jenner Too Young To Be Flossin’ These Lil ‘Kinis???

Kimmy Cakes’ lil sister Kendall Jenner is definitely making it rain on them hoes with her burgeoning modeling career.

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October 10th 5:40pm

For The UnderAchievers: Ten Most Successful Businesses Run By College Dropouts

Let’s be real: college isn’t for everybody. And not being able to get through college isn’t always a sign of sub par intelligence.

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October 10th 4:58pm

10 TV Series Hip-Hop Fans Should Watch This Fall

Now that summer is over and fall temperatures are making it harder and harder to leave the comforts of our homes in the evening, this is the time of year that good prime time television shows are starting to become a must-know in households across America.

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October 10th 4:42pm

Not A Total Betty But A Vast Improvement: Laura Govan Gets All Dolled Up For New Photo Shoot

Oh wow… Guess those extra 20 TV-pounds really motivated Laura to get back to her pre-mommy shape.

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October 10th 4:30pm

Challenging Racism, and Other -Isms, In The Occupy Wall Street Movement

A true revolution, or any version of change, cannot and should not be carried out by those who were once comfortable with the power structures when it was in their favor.

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October 10th 4:10pm

Latest Choreographer To Get Jacked By Beyonce Says It Was Beautiful When School Kids Did It, Bey’s Just Rude And A Thief!!

Some people find absolutely no flattery or props in having King Bey appropriate their work as her own.

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