February 9th 5:38pm

For The Children: Ne-Yo’s Baby Mama “Make It Rain” Monyetta Shaw Breaks Record And Adopts 48 African Children!!

From the strip club to the Motherland, let it rain, let it rain, LET IT RAIN!!

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February 9th 5:32pm

Jay-Z Hands-On In Designing Lavish Suites At Brooklyn Nets New Arena, Down To The Forks

The soon-to-be Brooklyn Nets may not be NBA elite, but if you’re amongst the wealthy that can score one of the eleven event level suites that Jay-Z is reportedly extremely hands on with, you will feel like a winner.

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February 9th 5:28pm

[Exclusive Video] Esther Baxter Says Video Vixens Aren’t Making Money, Talks T.I.T.S. T-Shirt Line

Esther Baxter was the epitome of the video vixen thanks to gorgeous looks and a booming body.

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February 9th 5:23pm

Shopping With the Enemy: 7 Signs You Might Have a “Frenemy” in Your Circle

“They smile in your face, all the time they wanna take your place…”

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February 9th 5:07pm

Karma Is A Beyotch… And An Expensive One At That! Banks To Pay Homeowners $25 Billi Over Bad Mortgage Shenanigans

The bad news is, if you already lost your home you’re not gonna get more than two stacks for your sorrows…

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February 9th 4:18pm

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Someone is taking the Chris Brown “jokes” too far.

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February 9th 4:16pm

Ladies, Would You Drop The Drawls For Your Dude If He Took You To A Romantic Dinner At Waffle House For Valentine’s Day???? [Video]

Check out this video and let us know if y’all would be up for heading to Waffle House for Valentine’s Day!!

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February 9th 3:49pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere On The Web…

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February 9th 3:22pm

Would You Wife This? Lindsay Blowhan Shows Off Body In Photo Shoot…And Doesn’t Look Horrible!

You can’t TELL us you wouldn’t chop these cakes down if you saw her looking like this.

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February 9th 3:04pm

What The Hell Is Wrong With This Video?!?!

Wanna see something “freeky”?

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