April 11th 7:44pm

Seven Simple Ways To Make Him Smile

Men are not as complicated as women.

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April 11th 5:27pm

Mathew Knowles Is Still Trying To Make His Breakup With Bey Bey Sound Like A Win

Poor thang! Matthew Knowles sounds kinda sad not to be all up in Beyonce’s business anymore.

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April 11th 4:44pm

Poor Thang: Laurent Gbagbo “Pimp Slapped” In Front Of His Wife And Son During Arrest

As reported earlier, Laurent Gbagbo, the Ivory Coast Leader was captured today….and he was apparently a lil banged up from being slapped:

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April 11th 4:44pm

Hate It Or Love It: Rih Rih Skanks Up “S & M” A Little More With A Britney Spears Remix

Just in case the original wasn’t getting old, and your local (non-urban) radio station needed a reason to keep “S&M” on replay for another 6 weeks or so

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April 11th 3:16pm

Ladies Love La Flare: A History Of Women Linked To Gucci Mane

Before his recent arrest for throwing a woman out of a moving vehicle, there was something about Gucci Mane that made him a star attraction for a number of ladies.

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April 11th 3:06pm

Elswhere In The World: Ne-Yo Kicks It With The Homies In The South Of France

Here’s Ne-Yo with his cropped vacay pants and boat shoes on a shopping trip in the South of France.

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April 11th 2:46pm

Blind Item: NFL Star Hooked On Techno Music, Ecstasy, And Pacifiers

The NFL Lockout is in full effect and it has made an impression on the players and their lifestyles.

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April 11th 1:51pm

A “Lil Positivity” Los Angeles Dodgers Hold A Fundraiser For Beaten Fan

This is a nice gesture, even though it seems a little late…

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April 11th 12:53pm

Run Carl Run… Olympic Gold Medalist Is Running For Senate

There are currently no black Senators so we’re hoping this guy is up to win a race that’s a little different than the ones he’s used to running.

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