December 2nd 1:08pm

Oh, Shoot!: Baby Little Lil Wayne “How To Love” [Video]

Someone’s mom should be in custody for this…smh

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December 2nd 12:56pm

Corny Brothas: Celebrity Men Who Fuel The Cornball Industry

Corny means different things to different people but these brothas right here…

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December 2nd 12:16pm

Close Those Legs! Study Shows That Having Sex Early In Life Can Lead To Depression

Looks like your mom’s advice may have some merit to it.

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December 2nd 12:06pm

Oooooh Baby I Like It Raw: “Adult Film” Stars May Be Forced To Wrap It Up If They Want To “Perform” In California

A proposal to make Los Angeles “adult film” (ed.) actors wear condoms gained momentum this week, when a health advocacy group announced it had gathered enough signatures to put the question to voters in June.

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December 2nd 11:53am

New Lady Gaga 14 Minute Music Video “Marry The Night” [Video]

Gaga is right… the nurse on the right has nice cakes!

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December 2nd 11:48am

Caption This: The Most Hilarious Arrest Picture Ever

This NFL player is a straight-up fool.

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December 2nd 11:36am

Turning The Other Cheek: Stars That Stay Ray Charles To The Haters And Never Respond

Haters are everywhere. And what makes celebrities able to survive the hate? Their ability to brush it off.

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