April 6th 4:36pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Songwriter Accuses Rihanna, Kanye, Justin Bieber Of Stealing Songwriting Credits (GO) 4 Ways Black College Grads Ruin Good Job Options (GO) 17 Ways to Save on Gas (GO) Gwyneth Paltrow is Probably Cheating With Matthew Morrison (GO) Meet the Saturdays, Our Fave British Bikini Babes (GO) 50 Cent Defends Mr. Cee, “I’ll Get Rid Of…

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April 6th 4:18pm

Nicki Minaj Gives Lil Wayne Another Lap Dance, Takes Over ‘Park’ Washington D.C. [Photos/Video]

Lil Wayne’s I Am Music II Tour is continuing to travel across the country and Nicki Minaj is continuing to shock fans.

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April 6th 2:25pm

Memphis Bleek Is Back Explaining Hiatus From Rap Game In New Video “Nice Night” [Video]

For you newbooties… Memph Bleek Was Supposed To Be Second In Line With Hova, Coming Of Age!

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April 6th 1:35pm

Gone Too Soon: R.I.P. Celebrity Hairstylist And Makeup Artist Dariel Pulliam!

This is truly a tragedy. Yesterday stylist to the stars Dariel Pulliam passed unexpectedly.

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April 6th 1:21pm

8-Yr Old Holds Class Hostage “I Made Something Sharp… I Have Anger Problems!” [Video]

He’s lucky he isn’t a young black female… He’d probably still be in jail and the news wouldn’t care anything about his “Problems.”

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April 6th 1:01pm

Something New: Atlanta-Based TV Network Called ‘Bounce’ Targets Black Audiences, Competes With Radio One And Viacom

This sounds interesting, but something about the name “Bounce” sounds a little coonish if you ask us.

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April 6th 1:01pm

Certified Links

Chris Brown And Lil Wayne Set Their Sights On Notre Dame’s Skylar Diggins (GO) Charlie Sheen — Crowd Goes WILD In Cleveland (GO) Penelope Cruz On Her Knees Of The Day (GO) Nation Bombing For Africa Instead of Nation Building (GO) Studs & Jezebels: How Sex Standards Hurt You (GO) Jersey Shore’s Italy Trip Delayed…

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April 6th 12:49pm

In White Folks News: Britney Headed For Matrimony-dom With Her New Piece?

Just when K-Fraud thought he was getting his new baby shine on…

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April 6th 12:29pm

Hi Hater: Ashley Judd Blames Hip-Hop For AIDS, Poverty And Suffering

Just in case no one cares about her “woe is me, my childhood sucked and I grew up to be a wealthy, well-adjusted successful actress” sob story

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April 6th 12:10pm

Droppin’ Dough: Men That Have To Pay A Ton Of Child Support

When you’re a celebrity, life is fun. They get to make millions, earn free crap and bang women from ever major city in the world. Of course, all of that free love means that there are sure to be some children along the way.

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April 6th 12:04pm

Did You Know: Biggie’s Best Friend Was Openly Gay?

Filmmaker and author dream hampton shed some interesting light on Brooklyn rapper Notorious B.I.G. via Twitter.

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