December 8th 8:20am

Are You My Daddy?? Atlanta Falcons Catches Touchdowns AND Paternity Cases…

Maybe this was one ball that he should have dropped…

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December 8th 7:54am

Bow Wow Sicks His Goons On His Own Estranged Dad: Graphic Voicemail [Video]

Since Bow Wow’s sister, sort of, put him on blast about his estranged father… pops “Alfonso” received a nasty death threat that is vulgar as all hell:

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December 7th 6:28pm

Are “Black” Brands Viable in the Age “of Color?”

Over the last 25 years, corporate interests have developed a deeper stake in the African-American market but why are we being ignored more and more?

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December 7th 6:04pm

Happy Birthday Terrell Owens! The Strapped-For-Cash Football Player Won’t Be Ballin’ Outta Control To Celebrate This Year…

According to TMZ reports: Terrell Owens turns 38 today … and he’s getting wiser with age … because instead of dropping a fortune on a birthday blowout … the financially strapped football star has decided to celebrate on the cheap. For years, T.O. would spend thousands of dollars to honor his special day with high-end…

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December 7th 6:03pm

Congratulations: Former CNN Anchor T.J. Holmes Lands His Own Show In Multi-Platform Deal At BET

Aw shiggity… It’s rack city beyotch, rack rack city for ya boy TJ Holmes.

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December 7th 5:56pm

A Lil Penitentiary ChitChatter: Ja Rule Talks About Thuggin’ It Up Real Tough On His First Night In Prison To Set Them Fools Straight… SMH

For somebody who used to stay growling “It’s Murdaaaaaaaaaaaa” this guy sure has changed his tune.

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