November 30th 8:13am

Hi Hater: James Bond Calls The Kardashians A Bunch Of Fawking Idiots!

Man, everyone seems to have an opinion on the Kardashians these days, and this time it’s Mr. James Bond himself, Daniel Craig.

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November 30th 8:12am

Word On The Street: Occupy L.A. Movement Is A Frickin Mess! [Video]

When you unleash Jason Moore within the Occupy L.A. tents and people… it’s just mayhem for Word On The Street… pure mayhem!

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November 30th 7:58am

Wanna Know How Much These Stars Really Weigh???

Ever wonder what these stars scale game is really looking like??

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November 29th 7:30pm

The Girlfriend Codes: Rules To Never Break With Your Girlfriends

What is a girlfriend code that shouldn’t be broken?

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November 29th 6:04pm

For The Ladies: Look Who’s Been Getting That Baaaaawdy Toned And Tight Since Becoming A Daddy!

In case you missed it when we posted his rage against the machine tweets the other day, this is Nick Cannon’s new Twitter profile.

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November 29th 5:01pm

WRAP IT UP, B!!! UK Man Living On Welfare Has Fifteenth Kid By Thirteenth Different Woman And Two More On The Way!!!

Yeah, we know what you were thinking. And yes, this could actually be the picture of one his kids

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