January 6th 8:30am

Dear Bossip: I Think My Girl’s Male Friend Is Up To Something & Has An Ulterior Motive

Dear Bossip, About a month ago, I went out with friends while my girlfriend stayed home.

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January 6th 8:30am

Seen On The Hollyweirdian Scene: Rihanna Spotted Heading To Get Tatted Up…Again

Here’s everyone’s favorite little Bajan cookie Rihanna heading to a tattoo shop in West Hollyweird to get inked up.

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January 6th 8:18am

*Warning* Graphic New Film Trailer With Middle School Kids “Toddlers”: Sexual Relations, Guns, And Drugs! [Video]

They say this new movie is really a movie without a message… just drugs, guns, and teenage fornication:

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January 6th 7:32am

New Dawn Richard “S.M.F.U.” Music Video [Video]

Danity Kane-Dirty Money… Oooooooh, that Dawn. Is this song for Diddy? “S.M.F.U.” means “Save Me From You.”

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January 5th 7:15pm

Oh, Good Lord!: Watch Shaggy Grind Kat Deluna’s Cakes Off On Jay Leno [Video]

Shaggy is pushing 40 some odd… and Kat… young 20′s. SMH

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January 5th 6:26pm

It’s Bad Boy For Life? Artists Whose Talents Are/Were Wasted Under Bad Boy Records

Check out who got hit with that Bad Boy curse…sorry Diddy.

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