November 29th 12:31pm

Ginger White Stuck A Fork In That A$$! Herman Cain Considering Dropping Out Of Presidential Race

Thanks to good ol’ Ginger it’s about to be a wrap for Big Daddy Cain.

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November 29th 12:27pm

Knifed Up Swag: Beyonce Gives Mama Tina A “Lifestyle Lift” Makeover To Get Her Dating Game Back Poppin

Awwww shiiizzzzz…Mama Tina is getting her “youthful tight face” swagger back thanks to her daughter Beyonce.

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November 29th 12:26pm

Frank Ocean Talks Style, Advice From Kanye And Jay-Z With GQ [Video]

After being name GQ’s ‘Rookie Of The Year’, Frank Ocean posed for a photoshoot with the mag in Beverly Hills.

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November 29th 12:23pm

Certified Links

Elsewhere On The Web…

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November 29th 11:53am

Throwback Slores: 10 Of The Most Notorious Groupies And Hoes Of Yesteryear

It’s 2011. Hoes don’t know their places. They’ve got TV shows, book deals and their own fans! What happened to the good old days? These chicks knew what was up.

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November 29th 11:22am

Tweet Of The Day: Kimora Catches eFade With The Hates Over Her Babies And Hubbies

Now, why are y’all on Twitter trying to get Kimora off that zen path that came with the Simmons name?

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November 29th 10:58am

Random Ridiculousness: Elderly Man Gives Away Coat Stuffed With $13,000 Cash To Goodwill By Accident

Who in the dickens told this man that it was a good idea to hoard his life savings in an article of clothing?!?!?!

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