September 29th 1:02pm

Dear Bossip: I’ve Recently Started Dating Men But It’s Been Nothing But A Pain!

Dear Bossip, WELP! Since I have no clue how I’m going to ask my question without rambling on

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September 29th 12:27pm

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Elsewhere On The Web…

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September 29th 12:27pm

SMH: Foxy Brown’s Bro Gavin Headed To The Big House For Ganking Other Folks Credit To Pop Bottles And Tags

All that Hermes stylin’ high fashion rap isht Foxy Brown was poppin’ in her lyrics just got her bro Gavin a couple years behind bars.

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September 29th 11:41am

So You Think You Can Dance?!?! The 10 Worst Hip-Hop Dances

Hip-Hop has had many dances that have turned into a global phenomenon.

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September 29th 10:58am

Flying The Unfriendly Skies: TSA Reports Finding Over 800 Guns In Airport Security Checks This Year!

Apparently Petey Pablo and Memphitz aren’t the only ones packing heat on their travels!

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