October 3rd 4:24pm

Coupled Up: Poor Lil Unemployed Dirty Dog Tiki Barber Has A Nice Lunch With His Homewreckin’ Becky Boo

Aw Traci Lynn, you are the sunshine of that poor unemployed former baller’s life.

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October 3rd 4:12pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere On The Web…

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October 3rd 3:58pm

In White Folks News: Guy That Plays The Gigolo In HBO’s “Hung” Admits He Was A Gay Hooker In Real Life

Hmmmmmmmm…. Thomas Jane picked up a few tricks of the trade before he was cast on HBO’s gigolo drama “Hung.”

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October 3rd 3:09pm

The 9 Most Available Jobs That Are Hard To Fill

People need jobs and jobs need people but these following occupations are proving hard to fill.

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October 3rd 2:32pm

Amanda Knox Acquitted Following Her Appeal, Jury Agrees She Isn’t A Nasty Roommate-Murking Ho

Remember the American student sentenced to 26 years in an Italian jail for killing her roommate in 2007?

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October 3rd 1:43pm

*Scratches Head* Soulja Boy Says His Career Was Inspired By Shakespeare

Soulja Boy had some interesting things to say…it’s like he…reads or something?

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October 3rd 1:08pm

Make It Rain Raps: The Most Popular Strip Club Rappers

A number of rappers are known for their party anthems that make people dance in the clubs but what about the ones

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October 3rd 12:59pm

Shackin’ Up & Swirlin': Veronica Webb And Boo Chris del Gatto Moving In Together

Ah, love is in the air: Supermodel Veronica Webb and Circa CEO Chris del Gatto have become “inseparable”

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